We are always surrounded by energy, are you aware of how the energy? Can you feel it within and around you? To give you an example and for you to feel this energy, rub your hands together very fast and then pull them apart a few inches – feel the energy between your hands. Then do the same with another person, each of you rub your hands together then put your hands up to the others and slowly pull them away from each other. Can you feel the energy?

Have you ever walked into a room where there has been an argument? It feels strange doesn’t it? You can’t put your figure on it, it just feels wierd. Your energy impacts others so if your feeling negative or positive, people will pick up on this. When you walk into a building, your home for example, how does the energy feel? Does it feel good? When your’re looking for a new home isn’t it funny how we either get a good or bad feeling? It’s possible that’s because of the previous energy that has collected there.

This energy can work for you or against you and it can be changed. Did you know that in a home the energy of previous owners can affect the current energy of the house?

How do you clear this energy? Firstly you can clear it with intention, use sage, incense, crystals. Every building has a soul, a spirit and you can ask this energy to work with you to clear any negative energy.

Once you feel it’s clear then fill it with the positive energy you want your home to have.

For any questions just write them in the comments section or send me a dm! Don’t forget to have fun with it 💖

Love and light

Carolina, The Soul Coach

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