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21 Guided Meditations

Has life taken you away from who you are? Are you feeling disconnected, anxious, stressed? Is it time to give yourself some much needed love and self-care?

Meditation Series

Do you want to feel energised, uplifted & connected?

Has life taken you away from who you are? Are you feeling disconnected, anxious or stressed? Is it time to prioritise yourself with some much needed love and self-care?

When life is busy for us we often let our self-care practices slip. For me, meditation is the first one to go because I feel like I haven't enough time. I know when this happens as I begin to feel ungrounded and off centre which can lead to overwhelm. The truth is: we do have enough time, we just need to make our wellbeing a priority like brushing our teeth. It's just like the old saying 'you can't pour from an empty cup'.

I have found guided meditations really useful to reconnect and re-centre myself. By following the words and music within a guided meditation, you will be able to calm the mind and connect to the peace within. This can help you feel energised, uplifted and connected.

Here are the Lovely Guided Meditations...

Meditation Tips - Healing Shield Meditation - Balancing your Chakras Meditation - Rainbow Meditation - Letting Go Meditation - Inner Power Meditation - Good Morning Meditation - Good Night Meditation - Healing Fountain Meditation - Connecting to your Higher Self Meditation - Breathing Meditation - Inner Smile Meditation - Sea Meditation - Clouds Meditation - Universal Energy Meditation - Manifestation Meditation - Inner Flame Meditation - Eagle Meditation - Stillness Meditation - Sun Meditation - Connecting with your Guardian Angel Meditation - Star Meditation

It's time to take care of you.

You'll receive 21 x 20 minute guided meditations with music to download, have lifetime access to and be able to enjoy them wherever & whenever you choose.

The total for 21 guided meditations is only £21.

Start your connection to you now. Say goodbye to overwhelm, stress and irritability and say hello to purpose, direction and happier times.

As your Soul Coach, I am here to give you all the support, guidance, and tools you need to get through this time and come out stronger. You’ll be refreshed and ready to show the world your full potential, and unlock the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

Love, Carolina x

Why these Meditations?

I have collected some great review over the past few months, and I think they are the best way to show you how these meditations can help you too.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the 21 days of meditation course. As I said before, within a couple of days I found it helped me sleep better but now I’m so much calmer in response to any stresses that arise during the day and look forward to making the time to fit ‘me’ into the day. It may only be 20 minutes but a very powerful 20 minutes to reset and continue more positively. I will continue this routine now after the course and looking forward to revisiting a few of my favourite meditations. Simply amazing."

"I cannot recommend this 21 day course enough - and this is coming from someone who has previously struggled with meditation, despite being a yoga teacher and Reiki master! To say the course has been life changing may sound over the top but hear me out. Each of the meditations is carefully themed and contains its own particular message. The themes range from energising to relaxing, accessing your inner power and motivation through to letting go of what no longer serves you. Each of these lessons will resonate on different days, and that’s part of the beauty of the collection, because you can revisit the meditation that you need for you, right now, depending on your current state of mind. Carolina delivers these meditations In bite sized chunks, in a calm and soothing way. After a few day’s of listening and feeling the benefits, I guarantee you will be positively motivated to want to make meditation an essential part of your daily life. At this price you really have nothing to lose by trying so prepare to be amazed!"

During the 21 Meditations you Will...

  • Know how precious you are
  • Find inner peace and stillness
  • Restore a sense of hope
  • Learn how to manifest your dreams
  • Connect with your Guardian Angel
  • Heal past pains
  • Boost your self-love and confidence
  • Discover the power within you