The Soul Coach

About Me

Me - aged 29 and asleep

There I was, 29 years old with a corporate career at the Prudential, completely loving life and thinking I had it all. The reality was somewhat different. I was absorbed in my career; a mother of two young children; divorced and remarried. I was convinced that I was happy and thought my life was complete but then I woke up!

Up until now my career was my life but eventually my career started to take over and I wasn’t being ‘me’. Surely there was more to me than just my work? I had to be more than this – more than just a mother, more than a daughter, more than someone who’s only thrills came from creating a drama and overspending? Why was I bouncing from one thing to another? Feeling empty, with no emotion, if asked how I was my standard response was ‘I’m fine’.

Then at the age of 29 I saw a palm reader, I woke up and my life changed forever.

Me - Awake

Now, finally, I realised that I had to get out of this spiral and the only way was to shake things up and make some big decisions. I left my career, and pretty much everything that I knew, which was really tough but instrumental in sowing the seeds for my new life. Still, more changes to come.

Within five years I had split up from my long-term partner, changed my career and remarried. I went through another divorce, sold my home and worked where I could to make ends meet – a pub job, admin work, cleaning, anything. It was during this time that my destiny became more apparent.

Throughout this time I had been a single mother bringing up my two beautiful daughters, learning and developing my spirituality whilst entering a period of massive spiritual learning. It was hard but it was also incredible. For once I felt inspired and motivated to carry on. I pushed myself to accomplish everything that I could in this field- becoming a Reiki Master, a coach, a palm reader, studying space clearing, Feng Shui and how best to use our energy.

A New Life

Aged 34 I realised that there were lots of other people around me that were also ‘asleep’, as I had been, and so I decided to go into practice, travelling the Southern stretches of the UK with my palm readings, space clearing and coaching. Aged 36 I started a new relationship with my ex-husband. He could see the change in me and, with his love and support, encouraged me to continue with my new-found purpose. Oh and yes, we are now happily married!

Just when I thought life was picking up for me, along came a major hurdle. Aged 39 I found myself bed ridden in hospital following a traumatic back operation. I could have succumbed to this and given up on everything but no, not me. This couldn’t be it and there had to be more. It’s strange how immobilisation gives you time to think and reflect, and it was here that I realised what was lacking. I had to create a place, a beautiful space which was grounding and accessible to people from all walks of life. I needed to share what I had learnt with others.

The Adventure Continues...

In June 2007, three weeks before my 40th birthday, we opened Quest, a holistic centre and shop, and so began the next chapter in my life. Having a dedicated space to practice in Quest meant I was finally able to provide that sanctuary I had been searching for where everyone could receive therapeutic guidance and awareness. Finally, I felt a deep sense of purpose, joy, commitment and above all, passion for what I was doing – I had come home!

My life has had its ups and downs. I have gone through times where I have been on the floor crying, not knowing how I would be able to feed my children, pay the rent and pay the bills. I have often felt like running away and giving up, but inside I knew that I had to carry on. My 20s were all about my career, marriage and children. My 30s were about self-discovery and waking up. My 40s have been about facilitating that self-discovery and the beautiful energy of Quest to work with people from all walks of life and to help them live a life of adventures.

Now What?

I know life is hard and sometimes all-consuming. Hey just look at me aged 29 and asleep, that was my rock bottom. We all need help and guidance along the way and something that is real and accessible. Go into any self-help bookstore section and I guarantee with the endless volume of books available you’ll leave feeling even more stressed than when you went in.

My awakening wasn’t through a book but through years of working hard on myself by practising meditation and self-awareness. Meditation has taught me levels of self-awareness beyond belief which has helped me through life’s ups and downs. This new state of mind means I can now see life and situations for what they really are and can focus on living every single day to the fullest.

Is it time for you to wake up and start your own journey of self-awareness? Let’s start this journey to your brighter future today.

Hi, I’m Carolina, The Soul Coach!