A Call to Prayer

It’s interesting is it not? Where life takes us. 

I like to look back sometimes and reflect on how I’ve got to where I am. 

What some of the influences around where I am are. Who? What? Why? In this case – Where? 

While writing my first ever personal blog, I find myself on a little island called Dhigarah; sandy beaches, clear, blue water, palm trees & a few guesthouses. We are staying in one called ‘Bliss’ and Dhigurah is just that; Bliss. It really is paradise – the sun is shining, the sea is blue and Islanders welcoming and happy. 

We have all been through such a difficult two years and I wonder how I happen to be here, after such an up and down emotional two years. Living with uncertainty, not knowing whether our business will survive or our health will suffer and the loss of a loved one. It’s been tough, stressful, fearful, uncertain and just sad at times. However, it has also been (at times) happy, restful, fun, challenging and peaceful. 

Now we’re nearing the end of the pandemic I’m hearing from a lot of people how they enjoyed the lockdown times (it gave some of us an opportunity to stop.) 

And even from what I have personally experienced there were a few hidden blessings thrown in the mix too; For me, it was a time of reflection and introspection of what is important in my life, what I cherish and hold dear in my heart – my personal development, my family, my friends, my customers and Quest – our little crystal shop. 

It is with thanks to our daughter Harriette, for being so courageous in coming out to Dhigurah when she was 23 to do a month-long whale shark program on her own, that we are here today… 

At times it was challenging for her but she survived and overall it was an amazing life- changing experience that she now has for a lifetime. My husband and I were so inspired we decided to visit this special Island and find out for ourselves what magic beheld here. On our first visit I wrote my first little Soul Coach Book, ‘The Little Book of Positivity’, swam with a whale shark (I’d never even jumped into the ocean before that day!) and I loved it, together with all beautiful colourful fishes I saw, it was truly magical. 

On our second visit, Harriette and Amelia came too, so the four of us laughed for the majority of the holiday and now we are on our 3rd visit which is a working trip for us, where I am hoping to finish a children’s book I’ve been writing, complete a project called ‘Living a Life of Magic’ -together with other creative opportunities that will come my way through my intuition and connection to source. 

If Harriette hadn’t found her way to this little island we wouldn’t have found this magical place, I wouldn’t have written my little book of positivity (which I hope has made a difference to others), we wouldn’t have met a dear friend Bhuppi (who as a community we helped during the past couple of years); he is so grateful, I wouldn’t have found my love of the ocean and so it goes on… 

This brings me to the current day, and why have I called this blog a call to prayer? 

Dhigarah is an Islamic, local Island and every day a call to prayer (Adhan) is called 5 times. Adhan means ’listen’ as it is a time to forget worldly things and pray. How great is it that one stops what they are doing to pray five times a day? 

Wouldn’t it be great to stop five times a day, pause and connect with the divine within and around us? 

We live in such a busy, sometimes stressful world that we don’t take the time to stop and connect, often saying ‘let me just finish this’ or ‘I’ll have time when I have done that’ – but that time never seems to arrive! Let’s take our learning from the past couple of years that our soul wants us to stop, reflect & recharge; and what best way to do it than 5 times a day even if it is just for a minute. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Carolina x