The Soul Coach


Two Days in India

I find myself in Delhi, India on my own and what a wonderful place it is. I have no Will, Alice or daughter with me. I am completely on my…

Understanding the Ego

The ego – a term deeply entrenched in psychology, philosophy and spirituality – is a complex and often misunderstood aspect of the human psyche. It plays a significant role in…

Embracing Body Wisdom: The Art of Listening to Your Inner Guide

In today's fast-paced world, we often find ourselves disconnected from our bodies amidst the noise of modern life. Our minds are constantly engaged, making decisions, analysing, and planning, while our…

When is Fear Helpful and When is it Not?

The feeling comes on suddenly, without warning and leaves you immobilised. I remember having that feeling when I joined a boat trip with a group of people, to go snorkelling;…

Your Inner Guru

Five years ago, while we were visiting Goa, I was drawn to sit in Satsang with the Guru ‘Sam Darshi’. I thought I would just go once, but I ended…

A Call to Prayer

It's interesting is it not? Where life takes us. I like to look back sometimes and reflect on how I've got to where I am. What some of the influences around where…


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