The Soul Coach

India, My ‘Second Home’

It is safe to say, India has become a second home. It’s a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it, but I can honestly say, India has my heart. I believe it’s the people I have been so fortunate to meet that have made the difference. This is my 5th time in India and every time I have visited it’s like I’ve been transported into a magical place. All the people we have met have been kind, heart-warming, sincere and have treated us with the utmost warmth and respect.

India has a wonderful vibrancy about it. A beat that never stops. It’s so colourful and although every state is different, whether it’s the desert or city, it’s the same feeling wherever you go. I can only explain this feeling as a holy sacredness, even within the hustle and bustle that never stops no matter where you go. Every turn of a corner you see something different. Always expect the unexpected in India. Drivers going down the wrong side of the road, 15 people in a tuk-tuk. On the roads, we’ve seen monkeys, camels, goats, cows and elephants. In Pushkar, where I’ve been staying, I awoke to the calls of the peacock and monkeys playing on my balcony. It all happens in India!

My favourite places to go in India are in temples and people’s homes. Most temples are simple in design, not like our own ornate churches. They feel like home to me. I love the simplicity and watching everyone carry out their rituals: it’s mesmerising. I’ve cried and felt so joyous, just simply by being in the energy. I have visited many, many, temples in India and I have loved everyone. One thing I have realised is that there is a temple within each of us and if we just tune into our stillness we can find the sacredness right there, within our soul. Temples just remind me of this sacredness. I have been lucky to visit a few people’s homes in India.

Each and every time, I’ve been welcomed like royalty, whether it’s what we would consider a poor home or a rich home, it hasn’t mattered, the kindness has been the same. The food in India is on another level; rich in taste and colour. You don’t need to eat very much in India as you fill up very quickly. Home-cooked food is the best! From delicious chai to chapatis cooked on an open fire or an array of paneer, chickpea or vegetable curries. Every dish is delicious! Every person’s home is like a temple, whether it’s a very simple home or a big comfortable home, it’s a place of sacredness. A place to relax and feel safe.

During this visit to India, a dream of designing our own clothing brand for Quest is coming true. We started making dresses and dungarees earlier this year and have come back a few months later (having learnt lots of lessons) to create some more. It’s not only exciting but a little scary too. What will everyone make of the designs? Will they like the fabric we’ve chosen?

India holds no boundaries, anything is possible. There are no limits, but above all it’s a country of respect, honour and rituals. It is the people that make India for me, their open hearts and kindness. I look forward to returning in the future and, if you haven’t been, maybe it’s one to put on your list!

Carolina (The Soul Coach) x