The Soul Coach

Two Days in India

I find myself in Delhi, India on my own and what a wonderful place it is. I have no Will, Alice or daughter with me. I am completely on my own for now, which is a new experience for me. It wasn’t planned but life had it like this, what do I do? I have two options…

1) stay in the comfort of my hotel, wait for my daughter and more ‘normality’


2) Throw myself completely out of my comfort zone and venture on.

After some thought (which was quite quickly done really), I decided to jump in and go for option 2. Venture on. Embrace this challenge. I have been here before so what could go wrong?

Let me back up… why do I find myself in Delhi on my own? Unfortunately, my daughter Harriette was about to board the plane and her visa was incorrect by a digit, meaning she would not be let onto the plane.

We thought we would be able to stick together, however, Virgin Airways was happy to help Harriette out but they wouldn’t be able to for me, so we quickly decided for me to go and she would follow on.

I want to say here; Virgin had been brilliant, Ed and the group crew were amazing in helping Harriette at the time as well as dealing with two distraught human beings. We are currently awaiting Harriette’s visa, which usually happens very quickly, but on this occasion seemingly progressing a bit slower than usual, leaving her travel situation in a bit of a temporary limbo (for now at least).

My lovely friend Alice organised a hotel for me at the last minute and a taxi to pick me up at the airport. The thought of turning up on my own at Delhi airport with nowhere to go and no one to pick me up was a bit too far out of my comfort zone. The flight all went smoothly, especially as Harriette had made a dream come true and upgraded us (though not quite as we planned)! The pick-up was great at the airport and the hotel was lovely, as always. Great!

I arrived at the airport at 11am ish – Nova Hotel in AeroCity – and was greeted by a lovely gentleman by the name of Nitin. I promptly burst into tears, a mixture of sadness, uncertainty & tiredness I think… however, he was kind and gracious enough to listen to the whole story through my sobbing (haha – I did feel sorry for him and apologised the next day) anyway he helped me to check in early, I had a shower and decided to execute plan no.2 – Venture on, embrace the situation, continue with the Indian adventure.

I arranged a lift and went off to one of the busy shopping areas to meet with a couple of suppliers who I had met before and then arranged for a cab to pick me up. All very simple, I had been before and knew where I was going so it really was great.

The area is lined with market-like shops, very dusty, smells of incense and is very busy. I have purchased some great gifts, oil burners, Buddhas, singing bowls etc. for @spiritualquest, visited a manufacturer for clothes and have chosen some new designs for clothes @onaquest! Busy (and amazing) first day!

The next day I wanted to go to an area about 30 km away, to a market. So, I arranged a cab and (after about 1hr 30 minutes) we arrived. I had to navigate the taxi driver down these narrow roads as far as he could drive.

We arrived, and I went on my way thinking I knew where I was going (having memorised the way from the driver’s phone so I didn’t have to use any data!)

This market is a very different market altogether – very busy, full of different smells, and very narrow. It’s very hot, there are lots of people and of course, it’s not long before I’m lost.

I stopped walking, had a little panic, breathed and talked to myself. I told myself that I was safe and could do this. I pulled myself together and turned on my data (seemed like an easy fix!) But, Google Maps didn’t help and just got me deeper into the market!

I then had the sense to call the person who I was visiting and he sent me his exact location, I would have never found it without it.

Eventually, I got there – hot and bothered – but I was there. I had done it and of course, I was trying to remember where I had left the cab but had no clue by the time I arrived!

After about 10 minutes I calmed myself down. The guy I met was very kind and patient (I had only met him once briefly). This shop in the middle of chaos is an incredible fabric place. I asked lots of questions, learnt loads and chose some really cool fabrics which I am very excited about for our winter collection (again, make sure you’re following @onaquest!)

I was there for about 2 hours and he spoke to a taxi driver and he said one of his guys would take me to him – so kind. We went on a moped (my first time!) which if you have been to Delhi you will know is a little crazy – but what did I have to lose, it was great fun and he went slow!!

What an experience. What I have learned is that, even though the market was crowded, no one came up to me, no one bothered me – I felt safe and I knew I would be okay.

I felt like I was protected and everything was okay, I came out of my comfort zone and that brought a peace, a calmness.

Everything was (and will be) OK.


Carolina – The Soul Coach x