Why it’s so Important to Clutter-Clear

Energy flows everywhere – even in our homes – and if it can flow easily we will experience greater tranquility, harmony and fulfilment. Each area of our home or business has a meaning, for example, the far right-hand corner is our relationship corner and the far left-hand corner is our wealth corner.

If you imagine a river filled with debris or broken branches the energy of the river will be blocked, it is inhibited and the flow is interrupted. Now think of your home – is there anything stopping its flow? Do you have any clutter or is any furniture blocking the energy from moving?

Clutter causes stale blocked energy, dirt creates stale energy. I suggest clearing your clutter, it feels so good, it releases energy and lets your environment flow again.

When you clear your clutter I suggest 4 piles; 1 to bin 2 to charity 3 to keep 4 to store. If you haven’t used or worn it in the past year let it go, if you want to keep lots of stuff from your child’s childhood like hand-drawn pictures, clothes, toys, cards etc then pick out a couple and start a memory box or something similar. Keeping your home clutter free makes it easier to put Feng Shui into practice, helping the energy to flow and stay fresh!

I promise that by putting some love and care into your environment you will feel lighter and clearer, the energy will flow better and new can come into your life. Let us know how you get on!

Love and light,

Carolina, The Soul Coach x