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Creating Sacred Spaces through Energy & Feng Shui

7th September | 1030 - 1630 | £75

Elevate your living and/or working environment with our Sacred Space through Energy Clearing Workshop. Immerse yourself in the transformative practices of energy clearing and Feng Shui.

Learn to cultivate harmony and balance by aligning energies in your space. Uncover the power of intentional design, creating a sacred haven that resonates with positive energy, fostering peace and well-being.


'Empowering Yourself to Live a Conscious Life'

2nd November | 1000 - 1300 | £45

Empower yourself with our Conscious Living Workshop—an inspiring journey towards living a life of magic. Delve into practical tools and transformative insights that cultivate awareness in every aspect of life. We will guide you through mindful practices, self-reflection, and interactive sessions, fostering a connection with your higher self.

Learn to navigate challenges with a conscious mindset, fostering a positive impact on your well-being and relationships.

Join a supportive community, discover the art of intentional living, and leave equipped with the tools to embrace a conscious, fulfilling life. Elevate your awareness, embrace the present, and embark on a path of empowered living.


Spiritual Awareness Workshop

16th November | 1030 - 1630 | £75

Join our very popular Spiritual Awareness Workshop, where we delve into the mystical realms and connect with angels and guides.

Through meditation, intuitive exercises, and teachings, explore the profound guidance and support these spiritual entities offer.

Immerse yourself in a nurturing space, deepen your spiritual awareness, and build a personal connection with the divine. This workshop is a transformative journey to unlock the wisdom within you and the assistance that angels and guides bring, fostering a deeper understanding of your spiritual path and purpose.

Embrace the mystical, enhance your connection, and open yourself to the profound energies that surround you.

I also hold monthly Meditation Evenings...


A bit about the Evenings

Join our Meditation Evenings—a serene space where we unite in a shared journey of meditation. Immerse yourself in silence for a deeper connection within.

Every evening is different, we use guided meditation techniques, and mindfulness techniques so whether you are a beginner or practising meditation every day we find Meditation collectively deepens our experience.

Elevate your meditation practice in a supportive and harmonious community.

Meditation Evenings - Upcoming Dates

24th June | 1900 - 2030(ish) | £25

16th September | 1900 - 2030(ish) | £25

14th October | 1900 - 2030(ish) | £25

11th November | 1900 - 2030(ish) | £25

9th December | 1900 - 2030(ish) | £25

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